Baker G&F Co Guns

Double click images to enlarge. Models are listed in chronological order. Prices are given for the average for that Grade of Gun at the time of its production. This is just an index to see the relative value of that particular model.
Syracuse Forging and Gun Co., Syracuse, NY 1887-1889
New Baker with Underbolt  $30
Syracuse Forging and Gun Co., Batavia, NY 1889-1890
New Baker with Underbolt  $30

Baker Gun &Forging Co. Batavia, NY 1890-1919

New Baker with underbolt 1890-1892 $30
New Baker with top bolt 1892-1896 $22.50
Model 1896 (same as top bolt model) 1896-1897 $20 a sellout to Simmons Hardware
Model 1897 Sidelock top bolt 1897-1912  $25
Hammerless Guns
A Grade 1892-1908  $50 to $42.75Three blade Damascus  barrels, same engraving as B grade, better wood and finish


B Grade 1892-1909  $35 to $41.50
London twist, good line and scroll engraving with dog and bird on locks, better wood and finish than Leader model


Paragon Grade 1894-1919 $60 to $72.50 very fine Damascus or Krupp barrels, fine scroll and game scene engraving, best quality wood, checkering and finish, special order only


C Grade or Batavia Hammerless 1896-1898 $29.75 -boxlock

Pigeon Hammerless 1897 $100 
Sidelock nicely engraved with Whitworth Fluid Steel Barrels

Special Paragon 1903-1904 $75 sidelock

Batavia Leader 1903-1919  $25 London twist barrels, later with steel barrels, plain wood and finish


De Luxe Grade 1903-1919  $250 to $385 and up rare in any condition, Sir Joseph Whitworth steel barrels, highest quality full coverage scroll and game scene engraving, checkering, wood, and finish

Baker Krupp 1904-1905 $75 sidelock with Krupp barrels

L Grade Pigeon 1906-1908  $125 to $142Holland Special steel or Whitworth Fluid Steel barrels, elaborate scroll and game scene engraving, fancy wood and finish

N Grade Trap 1906  $75 sidelock Krupp barrels, finer scroll and game scene engraving, better wood, checkering and finish, most had straight stocks

S Grade 1906-1913 $32.50 to $35.50 fluid tempered steel, plain line and scroll engraving


R Grade 1906-1913  $45 to $50 three blade Damascus or Krupp steel barrels, dog and bird on locks with line and scroll engraving, better wood and finish


Batavia Damascus 1907-1912  $25 to $28 sidelock with Damascus barrels

Batavia Special 1907-1912  $18 to $21.75 similar to Leader model, homo-tensil steel barrels

Batavia Brush 1907-1912  $22 to $24 sidelock with twist or Damascus barrels

Batavia Ejector 1908-1911 $35 sidelock with Damascus or fluid steel barrels

Expert 1909-1919  $150 to $215 sidelock highly finished

Sterling Grade Single Barrel Trap 1909-1919  $80 line border and scroll engraving, semi-fancy wood, neatly checkered

Elite Grade Single Barrel Trap 1909-1919  $125 elaborate scroll engraving, fancy wood and checkering

Superba Grade Single Barrel Trap 1909-1919  $200  ornate scroll and game scene engraving, finest wood and checkering


Batavia Automatic Rifle 1911-1912 $15

Black Beauty 1914-1919  $19.85 to $23.50similar to Batavia Special, cockrill steel, black oxide receiver metal finish

Black Beauty Special 1914-1919  $34.85 special steel barrels, upgraded wood, checkering, and finish

Baker Standard 1915 about $20 boxlock with fluid steel barrels

Baker Ejector 1915  $25 boxlock with Krupp barrels