The DoubleGun Forum   Again another useful tool exploring the world of Double Guns not confined to Lefever

Baker Guns for sale on the web

Gun Links  A useful list of links to other collector groups and many things of interest to collectors

Antique and Collectable Firearms Another site with info for collectors and a lot of links.

Hunters Website A list of a lot of links and information for both hunters and collectors

Sporting Collectables A site with a lot of antique collectable links

Shooting Sportsman A Magazine devoted to shotgun shooting and bird hunting. A supporter of the LACA

Classic American Shotgun Collectors Associations

Links to our colleagues who collect other Classic American Shotguns.

A.H. Fox Collectors Association

Parker Gun Collectors Association

The L.C. Smith Collectors Association

The Remington Society of America

The Winchester Arms Collectors Association 

Lefever Arms Collectors Association

Ammuntion Sources

Classic Shotshell CO, Inc. (RST)

Polywad, Inc.

New Era Ammunition