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Syracuse Forging and Gun Co.

New Baker 10 Gauge


New Baker High Grade- Unique high grade the only one known


B Grade Front Trigger Double by LC Smith
Marked LC Smith Maker of Baker Gub Syracuse NY


Baker Gun and Forging Co. (Batavia, NY 1890-1919)

Hammer Guns

New Baker Top Bolt


Model 1896


Model 1897


Batavia Models

C Grade or Batavia Hammerless


Batavia Leader First Model


Batavia Leader Second Model


Batavia Damascus


Batavia Special


Batavia Brush


Batavia Ejector Model


Baker Guns

A Grade 12 Gauge Early

“We do not guarantee that every "B" (or "A") grade gun will be engraved from just the same design, but endeavor to have about the same amount of engraving on each. On receiving an order from a customer we try to select first, one which will fill the specifications as to gauge, weight, length of barrels, drop and length of stock, and then conform to customer's ideas as to engraving , as nearly as possible from guns we may have in stock, but always consider engraving of secondary importance. You may receive a "B" (or "A") with a different design of border, or a duck or a dog in place of the two quail or a dog pointing game, we cannot tell as it is our aim to give a variety of designs.”


Early A Grade Note the sitting hunter.


B Grade Engraving

Courtesy of Ross Berck (Left)


2. Left lockplate- BAKER GUN Co. Right lockplate- BATAVIA N.Y. (block letters)

3. Baker Gun Co. (scroll letters)

4. Baker Gun Co. (block letters)

Note the bottom sideplate is the post-1909 style.

Right, B Grade Early


B Grade Early


B Grade 12 Gauge 2019


Late B Grade 12 Gauge


Early Paragon


Paragon 260


Paragon 295


Paragon 518



Paragon 826


Paragon 917


Paragon 1026


Pigeon Grade  10 Gauge


L  Grade Trap 12 Gauge (two examples)


N Grade

R Grade Early
The following is a brief description of the Baker "R" grade. It is not complete by any means and at this time I will focus on engraving. I will add to it in the future. I apologize in advance for the poor photos. I will upgrade these also. 
The Baker "R" grade was introduced to replace the Baker "A" grade and about a year later the "S" Grade replaced the "B" grade. There was some overlap as existing inventory of "A" and "B" grades were sold. The "R" grade came with two basic engraving styles or patterns. There is some minor derivations to each. The early "R" style includes an open scroll on each sideplate, centered and covering most of the sideplate. This scroll is very  nicely executed. Engraved on the bottom of the receiver and through the triggerplate is a flying bird enclosed in a circle with some light scroll on the left and right side of the circle. The top is stippled, the though behind this was to reduce glare.


S Grade


R Grade Late
The later style "R" engraving depicts a dog with a bird in flight on each side plates. All the dogs I've seen have been pointers and setters. The birds are typically a quail or snipe in appearance. The bottom is similar to the early style, but we also seen scroll instead of birds. The top has simple boarder engraving with no stippling.
All "R" grades that I have encountered have been stamped with the letter "R" on the watertable. I have seen many instances where an "A" or "B" grade has been mistakenly labelled an "R" grade. I have also seen where "R" grades have been labelled as a Paragon grade, even though the letter "R" is clearly stamped on the watertable.
"R" grades came with Damascus or Fluid steel barrels only, with the fluid steel mostly of Krupp Fluid steel. You could get them with ejectors, single trigger and with the any stock variation you wanted.

Single Barrel Trap Guns
Sterling Special Single Barrel Trap


Elite Single Barrel Trap (1919)


Superba Single Barrel Trap


Other Baker Models

Baker Standard


Baker and Batavia Trade Name Guns

Baker Standard Retailed by Imperial

Tryon Baker Marketed by Edw. K. Tryon of Philadelphia.

Rev-O-Noc Baker Marketed by Hibbard, Spencer, and Bartlett Co. of Chicago.This hardware Co later became TruValue Hardware. Rev-O-Noc is Conover spelled backwards. Conover was a principal in the Corporation.


H & D Folsom Produced Baker Guns (1919-1929)

Batavia Leader

Black Beauty Special 16 Gauge

Paragon Grade

De Luxe Grade